Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Peter Coombs

What can I say about Peter Coombs apart from his pastel paintings are great and I wish he had a site or blog where more people could see his work.

Peter Coombs is a professional artist from Britain whose art has been shown in various countries around the world.
To my knowledge he's produced two books that introduce pastel art in a step by step format.

I was recently given one of his books "Painting with Pastels"
I followed his step by step instructions in order to get a feel for how he paints and the style he uses. Below are some of the pieces I painted from his lessons in the book...

This one is called Landing the catch
It's 129mm x 152mm on Daler & Rowney pastel paper, mid-tone brown on the  textured side.

Country lane
Same size as above. 

Moonlit Stroll
Same size as above but portrait on mid-tone grey.

These painting were a nice little exercise in paining in a loose style which I'm not yet accustomed to.

I have no ties to this artist but I highly recommend this booklet.
There's a few more lessons in this booklet I haven't done yet, I'll get round to them in the near future.

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